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We have Black Sexlinks, Buff Orpington, Production Red, and Rhode Island Red arriving March 23, our 1st of the season. For the following weeks, 4 to 6 breeds and /or types will be arriving, weekly. For those of you just starting out, we have all the supplies needed to start your flock. Stop by, and […]

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Bantams In House!

COLORFUL EGGERS   Just letting everyone know that we have gotten in our newest batch of White and Blue Silkies, along with Golden Sebrights. We also still have some Welsummers, Ancona, Red Sexlinks, Barnevelder pullets available too. Ameraucana pullets should be arriving tomorrow. So come by and get some chicks, to add various colors to […]

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Spring Garden Planning

We are offering all of last years garden seeds at 50% off. This is a great opportunity for community gardens and other large garden plots.  The company used to take back these seeds for germination certification but it was too costly even though they usually got a 95% recertifacation rate. Here is an opportunity to […]

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