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At the Yorktown Feed and Seed Store we carry a variety of bedding and straw for different animals, as well as supplementary products to prevent bugs and keep your beds fresh!

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Poultry Bedding


Pine Shavings Large

Koop Clean



Horse Bedding


Pine Pellets

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Hamster/Guinea Pig Bedding 

CareFresh Paper Bedding

Corn Cob Bedding

EasyClean Aspen

Dog Bedding

Cedar Shavings


Bedding Supplements

PDZ - Stall Freshener: PDZ is an all natural harmless substance that keeps your stalls and bedding fresh by absorbing moisture. In addition to absorbing moisture PDZ is meant to improve respiratory health by eliminating and absorbing harmful odors and chemicals. All while making your bedding last longer due to keeping it dryer.








DE - Diatomaceous Earth: DE is a food grade natural powder made from fossils. This powder cuts and absorbs moisture from insects but is safe to mammals. Therefore this substance can be put in bedding, feed, and even rubbed directly on animals to help prevent bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth