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Baby Chicks and Turkeys Here!

Chicks and Turkeys We currently still have several Rhode Island Reds, Red Sexlinks and Barred Rock chicks for sale. They are as cute as can be. In addition to those, we have 1 White Broad Breasted and 3 Bronze Breasted Turkey left too. If the chicks are purchased now they will be laying by late summer. And […]

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Happy Holidays

  We are always adding new products so come and check us out!  To enjoy the holidays with our families we will be closed Dec 24 through the 26th and again for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (Dec 31 -Jan. 1) Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday. 

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Chaffhaye, Cavalor and Dog Food We  now have a new product we are really excited about , called Chaffhaye. It is a pasture in a bag! This product is great for all animals, especially horses, goats and chickens. It has great digestive benefits and in the case of chickens, actually increases the omeaga-3 in their […]

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