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horse-feed-signCavalor Premium Horse Products – Yorktown Feed Seed

In the next few weeks we will begin carrying various Cavalor Premium Horse Products. In producing their horse feed, only the best possible raw materials are utilized and they have a high quality manufacturing process. It is completely non-gmo because the grains are imported from Europe, where it is against regulations to use any genetic modifications. The grains used are all visually pleasing and smell fresh, compared to some feed that uses lots of fillers. They have gain many endorsements from top athletes worldwide and had a quality standard unequaled anywhere in the world. Feel free to come by the store and check out these NEW products, that we feel can improve the overall health of your horse.

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store-frontOur Products

Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More offers a wide range of products for sale in it’s Yorktown store.  We also welcome your suggestions for other services or products you would like to see us carry in our store.


All Types of Animal Feed
Horse Feed – We now carry
Mini Pig

Bulk Seed
Grass Seed
Vegetable Seeds
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Wide variety of bird seeds

Hay & Straw
Alfalfa Cubes
Alfalfa & Timothy Hay

Local Products
Local Honey
Organic Local Eggs
Peanuts – 25 lb. and 50 lb.

Other Products
Pine & Cedar Shavings
Meal worms dried and live
Various insecticides and yard care products
Oyster grit and Gran-I Grit
Chicken/ Turkey Feed and Waters
Chickens (seasonal)
Variety of Lawn Products
Bird / Squirrel Feeders
Topical Animal Medications
Fly Spray

Outside Display Area by TSP Landscaping
Stone or paver walkways
Outside lighting
Outside Kitchens
Retaining Walls

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