Yorktown Feed & Seed offers everything from pet food to hay & strawOur Store


  • Bartlett- Horse, Goat, Chicken both start & grow and layers, Rabbit, Sr HI-E, textured & sweet, Hog, etc
  • Purina- Bird seed, Flock raisers, Equine Sr, Strategy/Healthy, Sow & Pig,Wild game fish
  • Best Bay- Whole and Cracked corn in 25 lb and 50 lb bags, Milo, Oats
  • Country Acres- Horse, Goat, Rabbit
  • Mazuri- Mini Pig, Koi

Other products:

  • Pine  & Cedar Shavings
  • Meal worms dried and live
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Alfalfa and Timothy Hay
  • Alfalfa cubes
  • Wide variety of bird seeds
  • Various insecticides and yard care products
  • Oyster grit and Gran-I Grit
  • Grass seed and Fertilizers
  • Chicken/ Turkey Feed and Waters
  • Peanuts


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