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Eggs For Days

Have you ever thought about getting chickens or do you really enjoy having fresh eggs? Here at Yorktown Feed Seed and More, we can help you achieve all of that . We currently have Mottled Cochins, Smooth Leg Bantams, Ameraucana Bantams, Rhode Island Reds, Welsummers, White Leghorn, Ancona, Black Sexlinks, and Barred Rock.  In additions to the chickens we have the supplies like, heat bulbs, clamp light, medications, feeders and waterers in various sizes and types, along with grit, oyster shell and chicken treats. We also have all the feed for chickens , ducks and turkeys from start to finish. And in case, you were looking for other game birds like quail, guineas, pheasants and ducks we can supply you with those too. So come by and let us get you started!

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