Equine Feed & Supplements

We carry several equine care products like, fly spray, treats, and others health care products for all types of horses. Also bedding options like, pine pellets, hemp and pine shavings too.



Cavalor Horse feed is carried by Yorktown Feed 'N SeedCavalor Feeds, Supplements and Care Products

We also are very proud to carry Cavalor feeds, supplements and care products.  This is feed that is technically superior because of the “puffed grain technology” and is apparent when you smell and look at the feed.  Actually recognizing the different grains that make up this feed is just the start of the difference.

Cavalor has products to meet most every need for the horse based on the level of “work or performance” required.

Sport Line

  • Action Mix
  • Performix
  • Endurix
  • Superforce
  • Fifty-Fifty (Balancer)

Harmony Line

  • Strucomix Original
  • Strucomix Senior
  • Vitacrunch

Special Care

  • Panissimo
  • Fiberforce
  • Mash & Mix
  • Whole Gain