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chicken-pictureChicken and Game bird Feed

Yorktown Feed Seed N’ More offers a wide range of chicken Feed for sale in it’s Yorktown VA store.  We carry several brands of chicken feed including our latest arrivals New Country Organics and Sunrise Farms.

We carry :

Bartlett 17% Crumbles 

Bartlett 17 % Pellets

Bartlett 20 % Pellets

Bartlett Gamebird Starter

Bartlett Gamebird Grower

Bartlett Gamebird Conditioner/ Breeder

Non GMO Layer feed

Non GMO Broiler

Organic Classic Layer

Organic Whole Grain

Organic Wheat Free

Organic Corn Free

Organic Starter

Organic Grower / Broiler

Hubbard 16 % Pellet

Hubbard 16 % Crumbles

Bartlett Scratch

Organic Scratch

Homestead Complete Feed

Grain, Treats and Supplements

FSM 6 way Scratch

Organic Scratch


Organic Oats



Soft Wheat

Organic Cracked Whole Peas

Cracked Corn


Black Oil Sunflower

Organic Kelp

Organic Flax Seed

Organic Stabilized Rice Bran

Diatomaceous Earth

Brewer’s Yeast

Freeze Dried Mealworms, Various size bags







new-country-organicsNew Country Organics

New Country Organics feeds are formulated with the best health of the animal in mind. They do not change their nutritional formulas due to cost fluctuations of specific ingredients, so your animals receive the same feed throughout their feeding cycle. We do not utilize “least cost” formulations.   New Country Organics feed is fresh. They grind and mix in milling runs designed to keep just the right quantities on hand – stocked to maximize freshness while ensuring there is always ample feed to meet increasing needs.  New Country Organics believe certified organic grains are healthier, safer and more nutritious for your animals and for the products you and your customers consume from them. New Country Organics is soy-free. Multi-grain formulations provide a complete amino acid complement.

j0432681Questions on Chicken Feed?

Please email us with your questions on chicken feed or drop by our store in Yorktown, VA and see the wide range of animal feed we have in our store.  Our store is located at 310 Grafton Drive, Grafton, VA 23692 or call us at 757-898-6899.

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