Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More – Product List

Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More now offers a detail product list of all the products we offer at our store.  Please give us a call if you have any questions.             757-898-6899

50 50 Contractors Blend 50LB (fescue/rye mix)
50 50 Contractors Blend per LB
70 30 survivall 50LB (fescue /rye mix)
70 30 survivall per lb
Action Mix, Cavalor
Alfalfa Pellets
Alfalfa/Timothy Pellets
All Milk Replacer 50LB
All Milk Replacer per LB
Allyndale Dolmitic Lime 50LB
Allyndale Dolmitic Lime per LB
Annual Rye per LB
Annual Rye, 50 Lb.
Aspen Bedding 4.0 CF
Barley 50 LB
Barley Per LB
Black Oil Sunflower 25LB BMC
Black Oil Sunflower 50LB BMC
Blu Kote Aerosol 5oz
Blu Kote Pump Spray
BMC HI-E 11:10
BMC Horse Maintenance Pellet
BMC Multi Purpose Pellet
BMC Multi Purpose Sweet
BMC Munch
BMC Pasture 10
BMC Pasture 12
BMC Sr Formula
BMC Steady Energy
Brewers Yeast 25LB
Brewers Yeast per LB
Cedar Shavings 5.0 CF
Chicken Nipples
Chicken Poop Lip Balm
Clover Landino 50LB
Clover Landino per LB
Compressed Timothy Hay
Corn Deer
Corn, Cracked 25LB
Corn, Cracked 50LB
Corn, Cracked Per LB
Corn, Whole  per Lb
Corn, Whole 25 LB
Corn, Whole 50 lb
Corrid 20% pwd 10oz
Crimped Oats 50LB
Deer Block Record Rack
Delivery Charge
Diatomaceous Earth 50LB
Diatomaceous Earth per LB
Diatomaceous Earth St Gabriel 4.4LB
Dried Meal Worms 3.5oz
Dry Feet
Feather Fixer Naturewise
Fiber Force, Cavalor
Fifty-Fifty, Cavalor
Fly spray, Dumor
Free Bute
Fruities, Cavalor Horse Treats
FSM Deluxe Birdseed Mix per LB
Gamebird Block 25 LB
Gamebird Breeder
Gamebird Grower
Gamebird Starter
Garden Delight
Gastro 8 Paste
Goat Pellets
Goat Sweet
Gourmet Blend 20 LB
Gourmet Blend 40 LB
Gourmet Blend Per LB
Grit 50 LB
Grit Per LB
H Farms 5QT hanging drinker
H farms 7lb feeder hanging
Harvest Delight
Hi Tek Grain Free CM/SP 30LB
Hog Grower
Hoof Oil
Hubbard Layer Crumbles 16%
Hubbard Layer Pellets, 16%
Hygienic Wash
Ivermectin Paste
Koi Pellets Per LB
Layer Crumbles 17% 50 Lb.
Layer Crumbles 17% per LB
Layer Pellet, 17%, 50 Lb.
Layer Pellet, 20%, 50 Lb.
Layer Pellets 17% per LB
Layer Pellets 20% (gamebird) per LB
Lixit 128oz waterer
Manna Pro Pot Belly Pig
Mash and Mix
Mazuri Koi
Mazuri Mini Pig Adult
Mazuri Mini Pig Youth
Mealworm Frenzy 10oz
Mealworm Frenzy 3.5oz
Millet German Foxtail
Millet Japanese 50LB
Millet Red 50LB
Millet Red per LB
Millet White 50LB
Millet White per LB
Milo 50 LB
Milo Per LB
Mineral Block 50 LB
Misc Non-Taxable
Misc Taxable
Mole Max Bonide
Non-GMO Chicken Broiler (gamebird)
Non-GMO Chicken Broiler (gamebird) Starter
Non-GMO Chicken Layer
Non-GMO Chicken Starter
Non-Gmo Cracked Corn
Non-GMO Goat
Non-GMO Swine
Non-Gmo Whole Corn
Nutri-Drench 4oz
Nyger Thistle 50LB
Nyger Thistle per LB
Oats 50 LB
Oats Per LB
Oats Steamed and Crimped 50 LB
Oyster Shell 50 LB
Oyster Shell Per LB
Paper Bedding Carefresh 30L
Peanuts, (In the shell) per LB
Peanuts, 25Lb., (In the shell)
Peanuts, Splits/Wholes  25 Lb
Peanuts, Splits/Wholes  50 Lb
Peanuts, Splits/Wholes per LB
Perennial Rye Champion 50LB
Perennial Rye S. Belle  50LB
Phusion Dolmitic Lime fast acting 50LB
Pine Pellets
Pine Shavings Fine Flake
Pine Shavings Sm/Med Flake
Poultry Protector
Pride Puppy 50LB
Purina Equine Sr.
Purina Flock Block 25 LB
Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles
Purina Flock Raiser Pellets
Purina Healthy Edge
Purina Strategy
Purina Wild Gamefish 50 LB
Purina Wild Gamefish per LB
Rabbit Pellet per LB
Rabbit Pellets 25 LB
Rabbit Pellets 50 LB
Ramik Bait Pack
Rye Grain (cereal) 50 LB
Rye Grain (cereal) Per LB
Safflower 25 LB
Safflower 50 LB
Safflower per LB
Salt Block 50 LB
Sav a chk Probiotic 3pk
Scratch per LB
Scratch, 25 Lb.
Scratch, 50 Lb.
Solmet Solutions
Southern Belle 10 10 10 Fert 50LB
Southern Belle 10 10 10 Fert per LB
Southern Belle 20 0 5 fert 50LB
Southern Belle 20 0 5 fert per LB
Southern Belle 6 12 6 Fert 50 LB
Southern Belle 6 12 6 Fert per LB
Southern Belle Classic 10 Lb.
Southern Belle Classic 20 Lb.
Southern Belle Classic 50 Lb.
Southern Belle Classic per LB
Southern Belle Hybrid 15 Lb.
Southern Belle Hybrid 40 Lb.
Southern Belle Hybrid per LB
Southern Belle Shade Mix 50LB
Stable Fork
Star Shine
Start n Grow Med
Start n Grow Med per LB
Start n Grow non med
Start n Grow Non Med per LB
Striped Sunflower, 25 LB
Strucomix Sr
Suet CS Apple Treat
Suet CS Cherry Treat
Suet CS Fruit Nut Treat
Suet CS Mealworm Delight
Suet Feeder
Sunflower Chips and Pieces Coarse 25LB
Sunflower Chips and Pieces Coarse 50LB
Sunflower Chips and Pieces Coarse per LB
Sunflower Kernals 25LB Lyric
Sunflower, Black Oil 25 LB Bays Best
Sunflower, Black Oil 50LB Bays Best
Sunflower, Black Oil per LB BMC
Sunflower, Striped 50lb
Sunflower, Stripped per LB
Sweet PDZ
Take It Easy
Terra Vet 10 sol 6oz
Treat Square Combo
Tylan 200 50 100ML
Veg Seed A  1 oz
Vegetable Seed A  3/4 oz
Wazine 17% 8oz
Wheat soft 50LB
Wildlife Block 25 LB
Zimectrin Gold