Wild Bird Seed

Yorktown Feed Seed N’ More offers a wide range of wild bird seed for sale in it’s Yorktown VA store.


We carry :

Lyric High Protein

Lyric Supreme Mix

Lyric Woodpecker

Lyric Finch

Lyric Chickadee

Wild Delight Fruit & Nut

Wild Delight Nut & Berry

Wetzel Gourmet Mix

Shafer Wild Bird Mix

Bay’s Best Black Oil Sunflower


Millet: White, German-Foxtail, Red, Japanese

Nyjer Thistle

Sunflower Chips & Pieces

FSM Deluxe Mix

FSM Squirrel Feed

Cracked and Whole Corn

Splits and Whole Peanuts

In Shell Peanuts

Suet. several types


Striped Sunflower