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Winter Gardening – Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More

seedVeggies can keep on coming!!

Just because its getting colder doesn’t mean that your gardening has to stop. In many cases, you are able to plant the seeds up to December 31, like onion sets. In fact, certain plants thrive in the cooling temperatures, like collards, some lettuces and turnips. So come on by the shop ans we can set you up with all the seeds you need for your cool weather garden.



This feed and seed store has been a York County institution since the 1930’s and our family wanted to keep the tradition alive. In June 2015, we opened as Yorktowne Feed Seed ‘N More. We hope to continue to meet your needs for your backyard farm and wildlife friends to include birds, chickens, goats, horses, rabbits etc. We are looking to fill our “Niche” and are very interested in having our customers help define what that is. So when you come in please fill out our “suggestion sheet” where we are soliciting ideas for things you were looking for and we did not have.

We carry feed for the above animals, straw, a variety of hay for horses, bird seed and garden seeds-sold by the quarter ounce. We also carry grass seed, fertilizer and associated products. In the near future we will have a very attractive outside display of “Hardscape features, decorative rock, mulch and associated services.

storefeedOur Products

Pine & Cedar Shavings
Meal worms dried and live
Vegetable Seeds
Alfalfa and Timothy Hay
Alfalfa cubes
Wide variety of bird seeds
Various insecticides and yard care products
Oyster grit and Gran-I Grit
Grass seed and Fertilizers
Chicken/ Turkey Feed and Waters
Peanuts – 25 lb. and 50 lb.
Chickens (seasonal)
Local Honey
Variety of Lawn Products
Organic Local Eggs
Bird / Squirrel Feeders
Topical Animal Medications
Fly Spray


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